Getting Your House Ready to List for Sale

I’ve sold a few homes of my own and know what it feels like to prepare a home to sell – especially one the seller is living in! The key is to think your home has been selected to on Sell This House, a TV series that selects a real seller looking to spruce up their home to prepare to sell. If you haven’t seen an episode, please, stop what you are doing, youtube it and watch !

There is a misconception that sellers think a buyer will want to move into a new home that they could put into action their own creativity and ideas. Truth is, buyers are picky, discriminating, harsh and opinionated. They may say they can do this or that, but in the end, they always pick the most finished home.

Major things that improve value and limit scrutiny:

  • Modern Appliances (stainless steel)
  • Trendy Finishes
  • Fresh Paint (look at colors that are in – like light grey or light sage)
  • Generally Well Kept Hardwood Floors
  • Minimal Furniture and Feature the Basics
  • Up-to-date Decor
  • Cleanliness

If you have the money to do these things, please invest it into your home. Sellers usually double their investment at minimum from my experience in fixing and flipping homes. You already have the home, already half the battle!

When you are getting ready to list, talk to your REALTOR to see what it will take to get your home up to par with the current style. Ask for contractor referrals, get quotes on how much your plan would cost, see what you can afford and adjust your plan with your REALTOR to find out affordable solutions to keep style in mind while putting your home in the best light!

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Barbara Barker


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